In this article, you’re going to know about what is stock ticker or stock ticker meaning.

What is Stock Ticker?

A stock ticker is a report of the price for certain securities, which continuously updates throughout the trading session by various stock exchanges. There is a change in the price of a “tick”, whether that movement is up or down. A stock ticker automatically displays these ticks, as well as other relevant information, such as volume, which investors and traders use to stay informed about current market conditions.

A limited number of stock tickers appear during a particular period due to the large number of stocks trading at the same time. Often, the biggest changes in price from the previous day’s trading session, or stocks trading under the highest volume, appear on the ticker.



The stock ticker symbol is one or more letters and / or numbers uses as an abbreviation to identify stocks on the stock market. Each combination must be unique to clearly identify the company, no matter who exchanges the stock.

Stock Ticker Symbol Meaning:

A stock symbol or ticker symbol is abbreviation uses to identify publicly traded shares on a particular stock market of a particular stock. A stock symbol can contain letters, numbers, or a combination of both. The “ticker symbol” refers to the symbols that printed on the ticker tape of the ticker tape machine.

History Of Stock Ticker:

Originally, stock exchanges use commonly ticker tape machines, which seems to be “ticking”; as they printed stock information on strips of paper. Hence, Its name is ticker symbol.

Stock ticker symbols originally use because of the information transmitted by the telegraph using Morse code. And then punched into it, and later printed on the paper ticker tape.

To increase the speed of information transmission, companies that most heavily trades given single-letter ticker symbols. And those with less business often received two-letter stock ticker symbols.

Although now obsolete, ticker tape machines were used from 1870 to about 1970; when they were replaced by television and computers.

In the US until 2007, the length of stock ticker symbols indicates which exchange the stock was trading on. For example, if a stock ticker was three characters or less in length; it was trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Similarly, NASDAQ companies were taken stock ticker symbols that were four letters in length. However, due to a rule change in 2007; companies moving from the NYSE to the NASDAQ were able to keep their small stock ticker symbols.

Now, single-letter ticker symbols can also find on the NASDAQ. Such as Zillow, with its initial public offering on the NASDAQ using just the ticker symbol Z.

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