Time Value Of Money (TVM) –


The time value of money (TVM) confirms that it is more beneficial to keep cash now than later. Say, if you have an Rs. 100 Today – Returns will be more than the same investment that was done 2 months ago from now.

Also, there is always a risk that the borrower can pay even more in the future or can not pay at all.

There is no reason for any reasonable person to delay his or her dues. More than financial principles, this is the basic tendency.

The money you have at this time is more than the amount you get in the future. One reason for this is inflation and the other is the potential earning potential.

The basic code of finance ensures that the money given can generate interest, if you get it quickly, the value of a fixed amount is high. This is why it is called the current value.

What is the present value?

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The present value determines what the cash flows received in the future can done in today’s dollars. It returns future cash flows to the current date, uses the return rate and the number of durations.

No matter what the current value is, if you invest in that number of fixed rate and number of returns to that current price, then the investment will increase in future cash flow amount.

Present value = (cash flow in the future) / (1+ rate of return) ^ Duration

What is the future value?

Basic tvm formula, importance of time value of money, tvm

The value of the future determines what future cash flow is in the future based on interest rates or capital gains.

It calculates the value of current cash flow in the future if it was invested in a fixed rate of return and the number of durations.

Future value = present value x {1 + (return of x number of return)}

Present value and future value of TVM both compound interest and capital gains are in mind. This is another important aspect of looking for a good investment for investors.

Basic TVM formula –

At that time, depending on your financial circumstances, TVM Formula can be somewhat different. For example, in the case of annuity (income) or perpetuity (until death) pension payment, there may be more components in the general formula. But in the overall form, the original TVM formula in Formula Image.

Basic tvm formula, importance of time value of money, tvm

FV = PV x [1 + (I / N)] (N * T)


  • FV = the future value of money,
  • PV = the present value of money,
  • I = an interest rate
  • N =the number of compounding period per year and
  • T = the number of years in the tenure.

For example, if you Rs 1 lakh for 5 years on 10% interest, the future value of this one lakh is Rs. According to the form 161,051, This formula can help you analyze various investments in different time periods so that you can make optimal and informed financial decisions.

What is TVM’s importance in long term financial decision making?

The time value of money is an important concept or assumption in the financial management of banks, financial institutions, insurance institutions, and all other non-financial business firms.

The main point of the value of money time is that one dollar in hand today is more valuable than a dollar in the future because you can invest those dollars today and earn your interest, thus multiply financial assets.

The use of money at the present time is more useful because we live in the present time. CS may be a financial or non-financial professional firm to make financial instruments in the purchase, sale or business decision making and reporting such devices at a reasonable price to the board.

It can note that the derivative financial instruments are organized for trading in comparison to all other types of financial instruments organized only under IFR 9.

Unlike non-financial assets and liabilities, the point created here to specify financial instruments at historical costs is incorrect, because high-tech financial markets change every minute, to evaluate the fair value or financial instruments placed in the market-related indices.

Actually, time is money. The money you have just now does not have the value as it will be in the future. How to determine TVM by calculating the present and future value can help you to know that you can differentiate between investments that offer returns at different times.

Importance of Time Value Of Money

importance of time value of money, TVM

The TVM can work for you or against you. For example, if you are deciding between buying a new phone for $ 1000, or for example invest in a stock that yields 10% per year. If you buy a phone, you only spend 10% of the opportunity.

Importance of value at the time of wealth –

No matter how you slice it, every financial decision you make has an impact on the quality of your life and the ability to enjoy the things you love.

Because of this, to help us in making those decisions, the most fundamental and fundamental concept in modern finance is the concept of the time value of money.

This concept is so important that it is equally applicable and useful in your personal finance and your business.

As an investor, this concept should be as clear as the day. Time is money and the sooner you earn or save that money, the faster you can do it for you.